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Sports Massage



About Spire Injury Clinic

Alex is a member of the Sports Therapy Association  and has been in nearly continuous training his entire career. Holding a BTEC 6 in advanced clinical and sports massage, certified Bodymaster Method practitioner, Video Running  Analysis, Human Movement Specialist and Personal trainer under the Brookbush Institute for Human Movement Science. Spinal Manipulation under OMT training amongst other numerous short courses. 

Trained under John Gibbons "the experts expert" Alex is a certified Bodymaster Method practitioner. The Bodymaster Method combines elements of a variety of techniques into one treatment plan. It follows the ethos where the pain is the problem is not. Simply rubbing where it hurts may feel nice but will not give you long term relief.

Alex served thirteen years in the Infantry and worked as a tree surgeon. From these experiences Alex has spent his adult life engaged in various sport and physical activity and has suffered his fair share of injuries which is where his interest in setting up an injury clinic arose.

To this day Alex remains a keen runner and runs on average 30-60 miles a week. And has completed a variety of 50 to 100km ultra runs and 24 hour endurance races. Amongst his achievements are 100 miles at Endure 24 2020, 2022 and 2024. 2nd place in Sagarmatha 2020 and 2022 and 1st male over 40 at Big Sky 62km Ultra 2022 (5th overall) Alex holds the world record for the longest distance run in 24 hours wearing a blindfold. He is the only person to of ever completed a 24 hour ultra completely deaf and blind. To this day Alex still competes in 100 mile runs.

Since opening Alex has never left education, continually enrolling on different course to continue to expand his knowledge and offer a better service.

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