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Spire Injury Clinic Physiotherapy

Remedial Exercises

Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Dynamic Calf Stretch


Front Leg Swings

Lunge With Twist

Side Leg Swings

Dynamic Mobility

D/Dog Ankle Mobility

Dy Lunge w/Twist W/Forward

Toy Soldiers

Reverse Lunge To Touch

Stage 1 Plyometric

Dynamic Speed Skaters

Mountain Climbers D/Leg

Step Up to Hop

1/2 Reverse Lunge to Hop

Mountain Climbers S/Leg

Half Squat Jumps

Side Step Up to Hop

Jump Box Matrix

High Tempo High Knees

Stage 2 Plyometric

Split Jumps

Side to Side Hops

Sprint to Split Jumps

Full Reverse Lunge to Hop


Fwds/Backwards Hops

Criss Cross Jumps

Squat to Hops


Running Drills

Stage 1 Running Drill

Stage 2 Running Drill

Stage 3 Running Drill

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