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Spire Injury Clinic Physiotherapy

Remedial Exercises

Core Exercises

How To Activate Your Core

TVA Activation 3

TVA Activation 1

Chop Pattern 1

TVA Activation 2

Chop Pattern 2

Chop Pattern 3

Dead Bugs

Gym Ball Exercises

Gym Ball Stir the Pot

Gym Ball Knee Tucks

Gym Ball Curls

Gym Ball Mountain Climbers

Gym Ball Leg Lifts

Bridge Exercises

Pelvic Lift 1

Bridge with Resistance Band

Pelvic Lift 2

Pelvic Lift 3

Off Set Bridge

Heel Hold Bridge

Long Lever Bridge

Hamstring Chair Bridge

Marching Chair Bridge

Plank Progression Exercises

Front Plank 1

Side Plank 2

Front Plank 2

Side Plank 1

Superman Plank

Spider Plank

Push Up Plank

Rotating Side Plank

Ultimate Plank Circuit

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