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Sports Massage
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Running Gait Video Analysis

Running advice for runners from a runner.

To this day Alex remains a keen runner and runs on average 30-60 miles a week. And has completed a variety of 50 to 100km ultra runs and 24 hour endurance races. Amongst his achievements are 100 miles at Endure 24 2020 and 2022, 2nd place in Sagarmatha 2020 and 2022 and 1st male over 40 at Big Sky 62km Ultra 2022 (5th overall)

From this he has a keen interest in running related injuries, prevention and identifying the reason for injury occurrence in a runner. Whether you are a barefoot or shod runner there are many factors to consider before the shoe (or lack of) gets the blame. In your follow up appointment all the factors that may be leading you to injury or not being able to improve your pace/millage will be explained. 


What having a running gait analysis will do for you is - 

  • Identify faults in technique

  • Find the reason for those annoying reoccurring injuries

  • Improve your running economy

  • Identify predictors for injury

  • Identify weaknesses in the body

  • Maybe be even confirmation you are doing it right?!

What you receive is - 

  • An edited and narrated commentary of your running technique

  • Angles of the body including ankle, knee and hip measured and varying points in your gait cycle

  • Expert advice on how to improve

  • A PDF will all the information in written form

  • Workload spread sheets 

  • Advice on PRE, Heart rate monitoring, nutrition and run structure

  • A follow up 1 to 1 zoom call where you will be required to do some further exercise

  • From these pieces of information an individually tailored remedial training programme will be produced for you

For more information or to book your running gait analysis please text or email on the details below

Running Gait Analysis


Analysis - £55

Zoom call - £50

You will receive 


Your videos back edited and narrated to analysis your gait

A 1 0n 1 Zoom call

Remedial exercise prescription with training programme

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