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Spire Injury Clinic

Common Conditions

Common Conditions

In the tabs opposite I am building a comprehensive self help guide to the most common conditions I see and treat in my Salisbury clinic. The idea behind this is I feel my job is too, identify what is going wrong in the body, identify any conditions or syndromes that are present, treat appropriately and most importantly, give you the tools to self help. I want everyone to know what went wrong, how to put it right and how to prevent it returning. 

On each page there will be a description of the condition and appropriate stretches, exercises and taping techniques.

This section of the web site is very much for my patients as part of their aftercare. If you are looking at this page and not from the local area please feel free to contact me with any questions. The list will build over time but I am also balancing it with full time work and fatherhood. If there is a particular condition you would like pushed to the top of my to do list please e mail via the contact link below and I will endeavour to create that page next.

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