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Sports massage

Taping Techniques

Self Taping

I have produced a series of videos demonstrating how to tape yourself for various conditions. In my sports massage clinic I have taped people 1000's of times. It is best to be taped by a trained professional but, in my quest to get everyone self managing their conditions, I decided to try and work out the best ways to tape yourself.

Some are easier than others. Knees tend to be quite user friendly whereas shoulders and glutes slightly more tricky. This is a ever expanding list of videos. If there is a video you are after that isn't on the list please feel free to get in touch and I will do my upmost to create it for you.

In all the videos I use Rocktape. I am in no way affiliated with Rocktape I recommend them purely from my personal experience I find them the best tape I have used.

There is a guide on how to tape. It is fairly long winded, sorry about that. If you can put up with my drone it is worth a watch before you attempt to tape for the first time.

Apart from that I hope you enjoy the videos and find them useful.

Full Knee Taping

Taping for PFPS (Kneecap)

Taping for Short Adductors

Taping for Tennis Elbow

Taping for Plantar Fasciitis

Taping for Carpal Tunnel

Taping for ITBFS

Taping for Quads

Taping for Shin Splints

Taping for Shoulder Stability

Taping for Medial Arch

Taping for Ant Compartment 

Taping for Medial Knee Pain

Taping for Adductor Longus

Taping for Golfers Elbow

Taping for de Quervains

Taping for Piriformis

Taping for Ankle Stability 

Taping for Achilles Tendon 

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