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Spire Injury Clinic Physiotherapy

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Stage 1

Straight Leg Raise

Side Lying Hip Abduction

Quad Isometrics

Clam 1

Quadruped TVA

Mini Squats

Fire Hydrants

Step Up

Pelvic Lift 2

Stage 2

Wall Sliders

Step Down

45 Degree Lunge

Pelvic Drop

SLS UE Extension

Contralateral Rotations

Step Up/Down

Multi Dir Hip Movements

Squat with Band

Front Plank 1

Side Plank 1

Stage 3

Single Leg Stance

Single Leg Squat

Pivot 1 Leg Squat

Step Down with Band

Single Leg Squat with Band

1 Leg Step Jump

Front Plank 2

Side Plank 2

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