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Work Place Posture

Fig 1 


Fig 2


Fig 3

Pain Spasm cycle

Work Place Posture

At least once a week at my sports massage clinic I hear. "I know I sit poorly at work but it's so hard to maintain good posture when you are stuck at a desk."

The sacrum is the driving force in the spine. If you can place the sacrum in a neutral position then the rest of the spine will follow. If the sacrum is in a anterior or posterior nutation your spine will adopt poor posture (Fig 1) and you will enter the pain spasm cycle (Fig 3) To place the sacrum in neutral is down to how you sit. Placing one foot forward and one foot behind the sacrum is placed in neutral. This will in turn place the rest of your spine in neutral. Your shoulder and head position will improve and the aches and discomfort will dissipate.  (Fig 2)

Below are 3 videos aimed around sitting at a work station. The first is about how to sit. The other two are about how to treat common symptoms that occur after being at a desk for a prolonged period of time. 

How to sit

How to stretch upper back

How to treat the neck

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